St. Peter's Wharf Collective
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St. Peter's Wharf

Julian Trevelyan and Mary Fedden bought and developed St Peters Wharf in west London in 1975.

Their idea was for working artists to live and work at the Wharf deriving support and inspiration from each other.

Most of the original artists have changed but the community remains lively and engaged.

Jenny Price

Jenny Price

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Jenny explores states of mind within abstract landscapes. She paints with acrylic and incorporates loose open weaves on canvas using themes such as water, the river, low tides, mudflats and reed beds.

Caroline Winn

Caroline Winn

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Caroline’s ceramics explore themes of traces and memory. Her sculptures are inspired by west Cornwall and the River Thames. Retracing history discovered in debris along the shoreline, Caroline fires these into the clay. The intense heat of the kiln distorts the poses and gestures of her figures, challenging the viewer’s preconceptions and inviting conversation.

Eileen Coyne

Eileen Coyne

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Eileen's most recent work has been inspired by Turner and ancient Korean landscapes. Her experimental work with encaustics has become her most recent obsession... she loves the translucency and adaptability of the medium.

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